Urban Sustainability
Urban Sustainability

For Kaba, sustainability means acting responsibly – on an economic, ecological and social level – for the sake of future generations. This commitment is backed by the company’s more than 150-year history of success.

Long-term approach as a platform for sustainable growth

Kaba Group combines its long-term objectives for sustainable growth with the fundamental values it has developed over more than 150 years of corporate history. Building on these foundations, Kaba invests constantly in new technologies, in the quality of its products and services, in expanding its markets, and in its employees. Kaba’s sustainable approach to business is based on the long view taken by most of its investors and on the company’s enduring relationships with customers and business partners: more than two-thirds of Kaba’s turnover is generated from its existing customer portfolio.

"One essential ingredient for the Kaba Group’s successful operations is fostering long-term relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, sales partners and investors. Building on these partnerships, we want to expand our position and continue to grow sustainably by investing in new products and markets."
Riet Cadonau, CEO dorma+kaba Group

Transparent reporting uncovers potential improvements

Sustainability is one of the seven Kaba Principles that guide the company's actions. To ensure that sustainable thinking is embedded even deeper in its management system, since 2013 Kaba Group has employed systematic reporting in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which has brought more transparency to its sustainability work. With numerous local efforts brought together under one umbrella, the systematic reporting reveals potential improvements from one year to the next. This brings benefits not only to customers, investors and shareholders, but also to Kaba's approximately 9,000 employees all over the world.